Heroes of Tavishdale

Lurker Beneath Red Larch
No rest for the wicked...

After escorting Amelia to Red Larch, the party stopped at the Helm at Highsun for a much needed rest. It was not to be, as they were immediate witnesses to a brutal murder at the bar. Drafted into service to help the town’s constable, the party was tasked with investigating the strange circumstances surrounding the crime.

After successfully intimidating a lynch mob, the group set off to explore Nightwall Cottage, where the murderer lived. They were immediately beset with trouble, as Lorborr was driven crazy with voices every time that he set foot in the house. The remainder of the party explored the upstairs, and soon discovered a hidden passage into a cave beneath the house. The descent was steep and dangerous, and ultimately only Lita and Shawn were able to make it down.

After some initial spelunking, they ran into several sets of cavedwelling beasts, and Shawn was incapacitated. With Lita rescuing him, she was able to return and enlist Cici to continue exploring. As they moved forward, they continued to encounter stiff resistance from the cave beasts, and eventually decided to withdraw and seek help from the rest of the party after a night’s rest.

Returning to the Helm at Highsun, they were informed by Amelia that the Magistrate had not come from Lofton to try the accused. Given the benefit of additional time, they slept and returned to the cave the next morning, and provided Lorborr a talisman to ward off the evil voices. With better preparations, they were able to rig an easier path down to the cave floor, and the entire party proceeded to explore.

A fearsome encounter with a Gibbering Mouther nearly killed Graydar, who had returned from a weekend bender unconscious at a local tavern. This was followed by a harrowing crossing of a mud pit, in which Cici Twinkletoes slipped off the ad hoc rope ladder and fell into the mud. She was immediately set upon by a group of Mud Mephits who killed her before the party could retrieve her from the morass.

The group went on to find the source of the trouble in Nightwall Cottage, a shrine to the dark gods and the skeletons who guarded it. In addition, they confronted a Nothic that was the transfigured remnant of the original necromancer who owned the property. After defeating these threats, they returned to the surface with Cici’s body and made their way back to the Helm at Highsun with enough evidence to sway the magistrate about the true cause of the murder.

Wizard in a Bottle
A new ally is rescued

Upon return to Durmond, the heroes learn much by talking with Zara. He fears that, with each new adventure, they uncover a bit more of a very sinister plot against Tavishire. Hoping to head off evil before it is too late, he enlists their help to locate his old apprentice Amelia, making Shawn his apprentice in the process. However, he warns them not to return to Durmond, but instead to set Amelia up in Red Larch, where there are still sympathetic friends.

The party sets off to the south, and after several days of travelling finds a clue to Amelia’s whereabouts. She led a group of adventurers seeking gold and glory into an old Wizards tower in the foothills around Finnengaru. They rest and secure provisions and then begin their trek into the mountains.

Thanks to Lorborr’s remarkable land navigation skills, the party wastes no time in finding the ruins of the Wizard’s tower, and fights off the Ogre that was living in the exposed tower’s first floor. After solving a complex magical cypher, they gain access to the dungeon under the tower and begin their descent in search of Amelia.

Below the tower they found a small spiderweb of hallways and rooms, each with a curiosity or devilish trap inside. The party battled their way through many challenges, finding treasure and the bodies of Amelia’s companions. Eventually, they made their way to the mad wizard’s inner sanctum and located Amelia trapped in a bottle. When the returned to the surface, they released her, and then made their way to Red Larch while informing her of the dire events in the county.

A Mediocre Mansion
Few answers, but many questions

After rising with the sun on Patson’s farm, the party made its way to Midshire in search of clues about Sabel the Bard. A thorough investigation of both of the taverns in Midshire only served to deepen the mystery, with intrigue and conspiracy being the order of the day. While little was learned that had immediate meaning (save for a new rumor), the deep slumber of Graydar, Lorborr and Shawn led to the midnight theft of Shawn’s spell book. With no clues as to its thief, the party continued to Yarmouth to track down Sabel and finish their latest quest from Zara.

Arriving in Yarmouth in the late afternoon, they learned that they were hot on Sabel’s heels, and that local farmers towards Shrifton had been complaining about dying crops. Deciding to follow up immediately, they headed towards Shrifton, soon coming upon a small band that was obviously poisoning local crops via some sort of magical powder. As the party drew closer, one of the mysterious characters ran over a small hill while the other two turned to attack the party. Our heroes managed to kill one of the assailants, and subdued the other, getting out of him some valuable information about his employer Sabel, and the fact that they all work for a powerful organization.

The party pursued Abel over the rise, but instead found an oddly placed mansion sitting strangely in a wheat field. After a thorough search (which located the talking cloak sought by Zara, forty sachels of plant killing magic powder and a small yellow and green frog) and some exciting battles, they found themselves face to face with Sabel and her protectors (two Dust Mephits and two Magmen). Despite a truth spell from CiCi Twinkletoes, very little information was gained from Sabel. However, after her death they found several rings (also presumably containing the one requested by Zara), Shawn’s missing spell book and a mysterious note which read:

Good work, we’ll soon bring the county to its knees by emptying its stomachs. I trust you will be available to play for the new Count when it is seen fit that to make some changes to those who rule the land.

As night closed in, the group argued over whether or not to head back to consult Zara immediately or continue searching the mansion…

The Farmer's Lament
A dragon awaits

His confidence in the party growing, Zara sends them on a mission to find a mysterious cloak and ring set. As they depart, he asks in passing for them to investigate several mundane agricultural anomalies in the County. After half a day’s walk, the group finds themselves in The Griffon’s Feather in Moorfield. After another hour, they arrive at Patson’s farm to find him excited about the possibility of help with his lost sheep.

After sundown, the party laid a clever trap and killed a kobold approaching the sheep paddock. The next morning, they followed a number of kobold tracks up to the top of a nearby hill, and discovered several runes that allowed them to open a secret door leading to a cavern under the hill. After several hours of dungeon exploration under the hill, and many dead kobolds, our heroes stumbled upon the lair of Hexorax, a white dragon wyrmling.

Without much ado, the party dispatched Hexorax and spent more time arguing over treasure than fighting the dragon. In the end, they climbed back out of the dungeon and reported their find to Patson, including the gift to him of several hundred gold worth of silver and copper pieces. They generosity did not go unnoticed, and Patson and his wife celebrated their victory with a feast before everyone fell asleep from exhaustion.

The next morning they awoke, well rested, with the mystery of the dying crops and the location of the ring and cloak no closer. It also remains to be seen what Zara will say of the tale of this adventure.

A Bit of Blood
The wizard's first errand

Adventures start in unexpected places. When Gawain presents our merry band with a pair of problems, they are introduced to Zara and his shop of curiosities in short order. Following a strange conversation and a curious introduction to the dwarf Graydar Ironskin, Zara enlisted their help in recovering a bit of fey blood for a special project of his, and promised compensation and more adventures in the offing if they were successful. They set out immediately to follow up on a lead East of Durmond.

Arriving at The Rusty Mage shortly before sundown, they sought out the local bard Redondo. Shawn the Wizard suggested that CiCi Twinkletoes the Bard challenge Redondo to a song contest to force him to play his ballad about the love of a fey. After placating the protest of the locals, CiCi managed to defeat Redondo in the contest, and left an impression on the local community of both her singing and the party’s prowess (Shawn’s overt proposal of marriage between Redondo and his mother notwithstanding).

After an evening of independent activity, in which Graydar Ironskin learned an interesting rumor, the Heroes rested well and were ready to continue their travels. They headed further East to Red Larch and on to sleep in Lofton before finally arriving in Urnstead the next day. Here, they learned of a mysterious witch in the Dun Woode, and decided to pursue that lead in hopes of finding their elusive fey.

Through some clever animal magic on the part of CiCi Twinkletoes the Bard, they manage to avoid hurting the animals of the woods and were eventually led to the heart of the Dun Woode, and the lair of a forest Dryad. She explained to them that her human lover was due to return to fulfill his end of a magical pact, but she was worried for his safety. She agreed to give some of her blood in return for their location of his whereabouts.

Unfortunately for our heroes, his whereabouts was deep in a kobold lair, where they were forced to do combat with a large group of kobolds and their leader. The kobolds trapped the party in a tunnel and assaulted it from both sides, but the tenacity of the group’s brawlers and timely intervention of the bard, wizard and rogue led to their victory. They were able to rescue Harrin and Aristotle from their captors, and return Harrin to the Dryad.

After returning the fey blood to Zara, they received their reward. Following some expert negotiation, the group agreed to partake in more of Zara’s adventures in exchange for him investing in their magical abilities.

The Druid's Root Cellar
A hesitant first adventure

Happenstance and the charity of Gawain found CiCi Twinkletoes the Bard and her two sons Shawn the Wizard and Lorborr the Barbarian sharing a table at The Rook and Rainbow with travellers Lita the Rogue and Reinhardt the Paladin. Their light supper conversation was interrupted with the panicked intrustion of Vaella, who had a strange infestation in her root cellar.

While CiCi the Bard elected to stay behind and entertain the patrons of the tavern with her expert Lyre music, the remaining adventurers accompanied Vaella to her home on the edge of Tavishdale Forest. Feeling their way through the novelty of adventure, Lita examined the root cellar for signs of intrusion while Reinhardt and Lorborr stood guard outside. Shawn found several tree roots in the forest nearby.

Lita’s investigations soon discovered that a group of giant rats were sneaking into the cellar through a large hole in the wall. Calling on backup from her companions, the group dispatched the four attacking rats, but not without Shawn taking significant damage. Fortunately, Ryanheart was able to heal him.

Lita continued to lead the exploration of the tunnel that lay beyond the hole, finding an underground chamber and another tunnel. After disarming a falling rock trap, she led the party to the lair of Gisler the Ratty. While most of the group was busy battling Gisler’s giant rat companions, Lita led a fierce attack that forced Gisler to surrender. He was bound and turned over to Jepsen the Bailiff in Durmond by Lita, Lorborr and Reinhardt while Shawn sought healing from Vaella (and was detained with her storytelling for some hours).


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