Heroes of Tavishdale

A Bit of Blood

The wizard's first errand

Adventures start in unexpected places. When Gawain presents our merry band with a pair of problems, they are introduced to Zara and his shop of curiosities in short order. Following a strange conversation and a curious introduction to the dwarf Graydar Ironskin, Zara enlisted their help in recovering a bit of fey blood for a special project of his, and promised compensation and more adventures in the offing if they were successful. They set out immediately to follow up on a lead East of Durmond.

Arriving at The Rusty Mage shortly before sundown, they sought out the local bard Redondo. Shawn the Wizard suggested that CiCi Twinkletoes the Bard challenge Redondo to a song contest to force him to play his ballad about the love of a fey. After placating the protest of the locals, CiCi managed to defeat Redondo in the contest, and left an impression on the local community of both her singing and the party’s prowess (Shawn’s overt proposal of marriage between Redondo and his mother notwithstanding).

After an evening of independent activity, in which Graydar Ironskin learned an interesting rumor, the Heroes rested well and were ready to continue their travels. They headed further East to Red Larch and on to sleep in Lofton before finally arriving in Urnstead the next day. Here, they learned of a mysterious witch in the Dun Woode, and decided to pursue that lead in hopes of finding their elusive fey.

Through some clever animal magic on the part of CiCi Twinkletoes the Bard, they manage to avoid hurting the animals of the woods and were eventually led to the heart of the Dun Woode, and the lair of a forest Dryad. She explained to them that her human lover was due to return to fulfill his end of a magical pact, but she was worried for his safety. She agreed to give some of her blood in return for their location of his whereabouts.

Unfortunately for our heroes, his whereabouts was deep in a kobold lair, where they were forced to do combat with a large group of kobolds and their leader. The kobolds trapped the party in a tunnel and assaulted it from both sides, but the tenacity of the group’s brawlers and timely intervention of the bard, wizard and rogue led to their victory. They were able to rescue Harrin and Aristotle from their captors, and return Harrin to the Dryad.

After returning the fey blood to Zara, they received their reward. Following some expert negotiation, the group agreed to partake in more of Zara’s adventures in exchange for him investing in their magical abilities.



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