Heroes of Tavishdale

The Druid's Root Cellar

A hesitant first adventure

Happenstance and the charity of Gawain found CiCi Twinkletoes the Bard and her two sons Shawn the Wizard and Lorborr the Barbarian sharing a table at The Rook and Rainbow with travellers Lita the Rogue and Reinhardt the Paladin. Their light supper conversation was interrupted with the panicked intrustion of Vaella, who had a strange infestation in her root cellar.

While CiCi the Bard elected to stay behind and entertain the patrons of the tavern with her expert Lyre music, the remaining adventurers accompanied Vaella to her home on the edge of Tavishdale Forest. Feeling their way through the novelty of adventure, Lita examined the root cellar for signs of intrusion while Reinhardt and Lorborr stood guard outside. Shawn found several tree roots in the forest nearby.

Lita’s investigations soon discovered that a group of giant rats were sneaking into the cellar through a large hole in the wall. Calling on backup from her companions, the group dispatched the four attacking rats, but not without Shawn taking significant damage. Fortunately, Ryanheart was able to heal him.

Lita continued to lead the exploration of the tunnel that lay beyond the hole, finding an underground chamber and another tunnel. After disarming a falling rock trap, she led the party to the lair of Gisler the Ratty. While most of the group was busy battling Gisler’s giant rat companions, Lita led a fierce attack that forced Gisler to surrender. He was bound and turned over to Jepsen the Bailiff in Durmond by Lita, Lorborr and Reinhardt while Shawn sought healing from Vaella (and was detained with her storytelling for some hours).



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