Tavishire is a Shire (County) in the Kingdom of Erwynn. It is the central Northern of the four counties, surrounded by Dinshire, Dunshire and Galshire. Principally a farming county, much of its trade comes from exporting grain products to the other counties (all of which have ports). There is little passage to the North, as the craggy peaks of the Crandall Mountains block the way into the lands which lie beyond.


The capitol of Tavishire is Dervalle, and Lofton is the only other major town. Minor towns include Durmond, Shrifton, Misfield, Burton and Tavish on Dale. There are many other small farming hamlets scattered across the land such as Havehollow, Moorfield, Midshire, and Red Larch. The ancient ruins of Laenach Castle still stand from a time before the Kingdom was formed, and the sturdy walls of Crandall Keep stand guard over the principle passage through the mountains to the North.

Major natural features include the expansive Tavishdale Forest, the lone peaks of Finnengaru, and the crystal clear waters of the River Fehrle.


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