Zara's Concerns

Zara seems to be very concerned about the events transpiring around the party. Following their defeat of Sabel the Bard and their return of several artifacts to his shop, he had this to say:

“If my fears are true, these are truly perilous times.  I suspect that one of the dark gods has a plan for Tavishire, but I cannot fathom who nor why.  If I am correct, there is a vast conspiracy of agents at play already in the county to sow unrest, hate and malice.  It is already unsafe for me to leave the protection of my shop, and it will soon be unsafe for anyone to be seen using magic.  Did you see the goons watching from across the square as you came in?  I know they look like normal laborers, but I assure you they are not.”  

“You are among the few that I can trust, but you are still very green in the ways of battling the dark forces we may face in the months to come.  You must continue with this journey, or all may be lost sooner than later.  This cannot wait long to come to a head, and we must be ready to act when it does.  I know not what these evil forces want with this peaceful farmland, so we must battle their network of insidious agents before they are ready to spring the trap around us all.  I have nearly completed the powerful amulet I am crafting, and it will certainly speed your quest to uncover the truth behind this plot.  In the meantime, we are going to need help.  There is a reason they fear magic, and it is magical reinforcement we need desperately.”

“I need you to head to Rickton.  Many years ago, I had an apprentice named Amilya Grayheart , and she was last seen adventuring in that area.  She loved to search for artifacts from ancient times, and many a friend of hers lost their life as a result.  I know she has not passed from this plane, see if you can find her.  Make sure it is her, she will know my secret name that only my apprentices know…oh, err, I suppose one of you must become my apprentice to learn it.  It seems there can be only one choice, but any volunteers?”

At which point, Shawn agreed to be his apprentice.

“Well, now that is done and you can be the one to check, just make sure that it is whispered so that none can hear.  Whenever you need to learn new spells as your mastery increases, just come to me and I’ll make sure that you have the knowledge and time to practice.  When we are done here I’ll give you a little lesson in the new spells you have interest in at the moment.”  

He points to the bard and the rogue, "I need you two to find the pulse of the County.  Collect information by charm or by guile, I don’t care.  Listen to the people, especially as they drink.  And you, " he points to the dwarf, “I am paying a hefty tab for you, so I know your skills lie largely inside the flagon.  Find a way to help them without any of you seeming too interested in the gossip and rumors of the county, there are spies of the dark ones everywhere, and they already know who we are!”

With that, he sent them off to find Amelia Grayheart…

Zara's Concerns

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