Heroes of Tavishdale

The Farmer's Lament

A dragon awaits

His confidence in the party growing, Zara sends them on a mission to find a mysterious cloak and ring set. As they depart, he asks in passing for them to investigate several mundane agricultural anomalies in the County. After half a day’s walk, the group finds themselves in The Griffon’s Feather in Moorfield. After another hour, they arrive at Patson’s farm to find him excited about the possibility of help with his lost sheep.

After sundown, the party laid a clever trap and killed a kobold approaching the sheep paddock. The next morning, they followed a number of kobold tracks up to the top of a nearby hill, and discovered several runes that allowed them to open a secret door leading to a cavern under the hill. After several hours of dungeon exploration under the hill, and many dead kobolds, our heroes stumbled upon the lair of Hexorax, a white dragon wyrmling.

Without much ado, the party dispatched Hexorax and spent more time arguing over treasure than fighting the dragon. In the end, they climbed back out of the dungeon and reported their find to Patson, including the gift to him of several hundred gold worth of silver and copper pieces. They generosity did not go unnoticed, and Patson and his wife celebrated their victory with a feast before everyone fell asleep from exhaustion.

The next morning they awoke, well rested, with the mystery of the dying crops and the location of the ring and cloak no closer. It also remains to be seen what Zara will say of the tale of this adventure.



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