Heroes of Tavishdale

A Mediocre Mansion

Few answers, but many questions

After rising with the sun on Patson’s farm, the party made its way to Midshire in search of clues about Sabel the Bard. A thorough investigation of both of the taverns in Midshire only served to deepen the mystery, with intrigue and conspiracy being the order of the day. While little was learned that had immediate meaning (save for a new rumor), the deep slumber of Graydar, Lorborr and Shawn led to the midnight theft of Shawn’s spell book. With no clues as to its thief, the party continued to Yarmouth to track down Sabel and finish their latest quest from Zara.

Arriving in Yarmouth in the late afternoon, they learned that they were hot on Sabel’s heels, and that local farmers towards Shrifton had been complaining about dying crops. Deciding to follow up immediately, they headed towards Shrifton, soon coming upon a small band that was obviously poisoning local crops via some sort of magical powder. As the party drew closer, one of the mysterious characters ran over a small hill while the other two turned to attack the party. Our heroes managed to kill one of the assailants, and subdued the other, getting out of him some valuable information about his employer Sabel, and the fact that they all work for a powerful organization.

The party pursued Abel over the rise, but instead found an oddly placed mansion sitting strangely in a wheat field. After a thorough search (which located the talking cloak sought by Zara, forty sachels of plant killing magic powder and a small yellow and green frog) and some exciting battles, they found themselves face to face with Sabel and her protectors (two Dust Mephits and two Magmen). Despite a truth spell from CiCi Twinkletoes, very little information was gained from Sabel. However, after her death they found several rings (also presumably containing the one requested by Zara), Shawn’s missing spell book and a mysterious note which read:

Good work, we’ll soon bring the county to its knees by emptying its stomachs. I trust you will be available to play for the new Count when it is seen fit that to make some changes to those who rule the land.

As night closed in, the group argued over whether or not to head back to consult Zara immediately or continue searching the mansion…



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