Heroes of Tavishdale

Lurker Beneath Red Larch

No rest for the wicked...

After escorting Amelia to Red Larch, the party stopped at the Helm at Highsun for a much needed rest. It was not to be, as they were immediate witnesses to a brutal murder at the bar. Drafted into service to help the town’s constable, the party was tasked with investigating the strange circumstances surrounding the crime.

After successfully intimidating a lynch mob, the group set off to explore Nightwall Cottage, where the murderer lived. They were immediately beset with trouble, as Lorborr was driven crazy with voices every time that he set foot in the house. The remainder of the party explored the upstairs, and soon discovered a hidden passage into a cave beneath the house. The descent was steep and dangerous, and ultimately only Lita and Shawn were able to make it down.

After some initial spelunking, they ran into several sets of cavedwelling beasts, and Shawn was incapacitated. With Lita rescuing him, she was able to return and enlist Cici to continue exploring. As they moved forward, they continued to encounter stiff resistance from the cave beasts, and eventually decided to withdraw and seek help from the rest of the party after a night’s rest.

Returning to the Helm at Highsun, they were informed by Amelia that the Magistrate had not come from Lofton to try the accused. Given the benefit of additional time, they slept and returned to the cave the next morning, and provided Lorborr a talisman to ward off the evil voices. With better preparations, they were able to rig an easier path down to the cave floor, and the entire party proceeded to explore.

A fearsome encounter with a Gibbering Mouther nearly killed Graydar, who had returned from a weekend bender unconscious at a local tavern. This was followed by a harrowing crossing of a mud pit, in which Cici Twinkletoes slipped off the ad hoc rope ladder and fell into the mud. She was immediately set upon by a group of Mud Mephits who killed her before the party could retrieve her from the morass.

The group went on to find the source of the trouble in Nightwall Cottage, a shrine to the dark gods and the skeletons who guarded it. In addition, they confronted a Nothic that was the transfigured remnant of the original necromancer who owned the property. After defeating these threats, they returned to the surface with Cici’s body and made their way back to the Helm at Highsun with enough evidence to sway the magistrate about the true cause of the murder.



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