Heroes of Tavishdale

Wizard in a Bottle

A new ally is rescued

Upon return to Durmond, the heroes learn much by talking with Zara. He fears that, with each new adventure, they uncover a bit more of a very sinister plot against Tavishire. Hoping to head off evil before it is too late, he enlists their help to locate his old apprentice Amelia, making Shawn his apprentice in the process. However, he warns them not to return to Durmond, but instead to set Amelia up in Red Larch, where there are still sympathetic friends.

The party sets off to the south, and after several days of travelling finds a clue to Amelia’s whereabouts. She led a group of adventurers seeking gold and glory into an old Wizards tower in the foothills around Finnengaru. They rest and secure provisions and then begin their trek into the mountains.

Thanks to Lorborr’s remarkable land navigation skills, the party wastes no time in finding the ruins of the Wizard’s tower, and fights off the Ogre that was living in the exposed tower’s first floor. After solving a complex magical cypher, they gain access to the dungeon under the tower and begin their descent in search of Amelia.

Below the tower they found a small spiderweb of hallways and rooms, each with a curiosity or devilish trap inside. The party battled their way through many challenges, finding treasure and the bodies of Amelia’s companions. Eventually, they made their way to the mad wizard’s inner sanctum and located Amelia trapped in a bottle. When the returned to the surface, they released her, and then made their way to Red Larch while informing her of the dire events in the county.



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